CIA | Children's Ministry

Children in Action is our Children’s Ministry Program at Heart of the Bay Christian Center.CIA Logo 3

Children from the 1st to 6th grade are ministered to in an atmosphere that is fun, loving, and exciting. We believe that in order to enter the world of a child you must first go through the doors of their interest. Children learn and are impacted in life in numerous ways.

The children at Heart of the Bay Christian Center participate in their own services which include praise and worship, teaching, prayer, object lessons, puppet and drama skits, arts and crafts, funny characters and so much more.

During any given service a “theme” is introduced. The theme is incorporated into the message taught by the Children’s Pastors and an outstanding group of adults and youth, who provide practical, age-appropriate ministry that enables the children to receive understanding of God and His Word. Praise and worship includes songs built around this theme, as well as the puppet and drama skits which are used to illustrate the theme.

C.I.A receives communion once a month the same day it is received in the Sanctuary.

At C.I.A. your child will enjoy:

  • Exciting Ministry
  • Puppet and Drama Skit
  • Caring Christian Supervision
  • Quality Curriculum
  • Games, Arts and Crafts
  • Treasury House

What is Treasury House?

Once a month our Treasury House is open for business. Treasury House is where children can spend their “T-Bills” (Treasury Bills) they have earned in Children’s Church. The children receive T-Bills for coming to Children’s Church, bringing their Bibles, participating and helping. Treasury House has great items to purchase ranging from 1 to 50 T-Bills.

Yearly Activities

Our yearly activities include “Kids Summer Kamp,” where kids enjoy an exciting and fun-filled week of craft and sport activities, puppet programs, music, and teachings. We also have our Christmas musical each year, which is always a delight for the kids and adults alike.

Our Schedule

C.I.A. meets Sunday at 11:00 AM. Children go directly to class at the beginning of service.

We also count it a privilege to have our Oneighty Youth volunteers help with the services, which gives the children an opportunity to see youth in action for Jesus.